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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 19, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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d.c. man andis two sons to the hospital in serious condition today. bob mcdonald says he wants to reopen the highway rest stops that were closed last year. it has now been one week since an earthquake did serious damage in haiti. this evening, stories of tragedy, looting and survival continue to emerge. good evening. i'm jim van. >> i'm wendy rieger. u.s. troops landed on the lawn of haiti's shattered presidential pats today. let's get the live from jay gri in port-au-prince. >> it has been exactly one week since the deadly earthquake. many who lived through that experience today are still struggling to survive. this dramatic home video shows the initial minutesf the deadly quake. an ohio man who helped to build an orphanage in port-au-prince was videotaping his son and three young orphans when everything began to shake. they rushed the 20 children
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outside to safety but quickly realiz realized what was happening. >> giant concrete walls knocked over, houses collapsed. it was horrific. >> reporter: a full week later the horror remains. haitian police fire warning shots and tear gas but can't stop the looting. mobs of angry survivors stealing whatever they can. u.s. troops continue to pour in to the region. more than 12,000 will be here by the end of the day. a week ago, the airport saw about 13 flights on a normal day. yesterday the were 200. they carry life-saving supplies from around the world. the u.s. has already delivered more than 400,000 bottles of water and 300,000 daily rations, but it's still a struggle to get that relief to the people who need it most. today the u.s. military targeted
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two remote air strips they plan to use to help ferry in the food, water and medical supplies this area desperately need in haiti, i'm jay gray. now back to you. there was renewed hope today as two more women were pulled from the rubble in port-au-prince. a full week after this quake. rescuers heard voices coming from a collapsed university. a russian rescue team was able to locate the woman and pull them out. now rescuers are going to get heavier equipment to search the collapsed building for more survivors. dozens of children from an orphanage in haiti are now in the u.s. waiting for their adaung adoptions to be finalized. 53 children arrived in pittsburgh this morning on a charter plane. governor ed rendell organized the mission. the haitian orphanage the
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children had been living in was destroyed by the earthquake. they'll now be placed in group homes until their adoptions are finalized. despite the heart-wrenching images of childrenuffering in haiti, some adoption agencies are asking people to hold off before they take in a child from that region. tracy will knkikins has more. >> there were more than 200,000 orphaned children in haiti. about 2,000 of them were placed in homes outside of the island every year. some international organizations are calling the number of orphan children high. it's too soon for a final count. they say now is not the time to try and adopt one of these children. >> the problem with actually starting an adoption right now, we don't know whether children are orphans and which ones are not. >> reporter: his organization secures homes for orphaned children around the world. th number of unclaimed children
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in haiti is growing, and some of them are severely injured. >> these children have already lost their family. they've lost their community. they've lost anything that they had. all they had was a temporary shelter in an orphanage and now they've lost that, too. >> reporter: in this orphanage, there were 123 children. 53 didn't survive the earthquake. for those who did survive, some are being treated and then getting lost all over again. >> it's a problem. they go out to the wilderness. >> reporter: while the images are testifying, jcicf is not recommending any new adoptions at this time. >> the earthquake hits. you're assuming that this child has no parents because no one has shown up for a month or a week, a day. yet that father or mother might have been in the hospital. >> reporter: they're now working to gain u.s. assistance and authorization for a combound for unclaimed children that will offer a system to document them,
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feed them and give medical attention and most importantly, keep them safe. >> this is a very, very critical situation. we're not just talking conceptually here. >> they want to protect these kids from the elements and from criminal activity as well. they have land picked out for a haitian asylum and they need help to speed through some of the bureaucracy. you can find out about how to push the white house and your u.s. representative into okaying a safety zone for the orphaned children. they do suggest calling an adoption agency, expressing your interest and getting on a waiting list for later. coming up on our next half hour, we'll have a report from on board the usnscomfort, that hospital ship that's getting closer to haiti. the doctors and nurses are acticing for what they might find there. a special election is being
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held in massachusetts today to fill the senate seat held by edward kennedy. today's election could have major implications on health care reform in this country. democrats are hoping martha coakley will keep their filibuster-proof majority in place. but a win by republican scott brown could put the health care plan in jeopardy. michelle franzen has more from boston. >> reporter: massachusetts voters took to the polls to permanently fill the u.s. senate seat held by the late senator ted kennedy. and there is heavy turn-out for the special eleion that could also decide the fate of president obama's national health care reform. >> massachusetts is a potential tidal wave skreweeping across t administration. >> reporter: for the first time in 50 years, a republican may win the seat in this historic blue state. republican scott brown cast his vote early. so did martha coakley. trying to remain optimistic despite trailing brown in the
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latest polls. >> every campaign has its own dynamic and surprises. and so we'll know tonight what the results are. >> reporter: the biggest surprise, since november coakley's double-digit lead over brown has evaporated. >> i think it was martha coakley's race to lose and i think she did a pretty good job of being out of sight. >> reporter: in the final push, president obama and kennedy's widow, vickivickiivicki, have c hard trying to turn the tide. a win would be huge for republicans on capitol hill. >> it would bring fairness and discussion back to the equation. that's good for american. that's good for democracy. >> reporter: coakley's potential loss has democrats scrambling for a backup plan to keep health care reform alive. it includes having the house vote to accept the senate bill
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as-is before the winner of today's race is sworn in. and we're live at brown head t headquarte headquarters. preparations are under way for a potential victory speech here tonight. it could be ten days, though, at least fore any winner would be seated. that's because the state has that long to bring in overseas ballots and certify them. wendy? >> michelle franzen, thanks. we're following developing news from central virginia. state police are reporting in their words multiple fatalities and injuries involving a lone gunman. authorities say more than 100 law enforcement officials have surrounded the gunman in a wooded aryararea just outside o appomattox. police responding to the scene were fired upon. a state police helicopter that responded had to land with a ruptured fuel tank. we'll have updates on the story when they became available. there was a fire at an apartment building in montgomery county today in germantown.
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officials say somebody set it. it started in apartments on eagle's nest court at about 5:00 this morning. investigators say they discovered an accelerant in the stairwell of the apartment complex. because there was fire in the hallway, people were not able to take the stairs to get out. several people were trapped on their balconies and had to be rescued. one person suffered smoke inhalation. a d.c. family is recovering after lethal levels of carbon monoxide leaked into their home. the family lives in the first block of seton place northwest. a 15-year-old boy who saw his twin brother and their father pass out called the family's counselor for help. the counselor had trouble reaching 911 but one of his colleagues did get through and a d.c. fire crew responded. the victims inside were taken to the hospital. they were in serious condition. they're all expected to be okay. fire officials say this leak appears to have come from a faulta furnace. coming up tonight, president obama took office one year ago
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tomorrow. we'll have a report on his first year in office. a montgomery county teenager prosecutors say was plotting to kill the president received his sentence today. we'll tell you about recall of 600,000 cribs. there's a deal between kraft and cadbury that will create the world's largest candy company. how about our weather, veronica? >> did you like it today? it was unusually mild. the warmest in seven weeks. now we'll get back to winter and real wintry weather, too. dan? the terps trying to avoid a letdown against longwood tonight. the redskins making more additions to the coaching staff. plus, caps' forward brooks lykes finds his scoring touch.
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some local school kids got to meet president obama today. he went to the elementary school in falls church to talk about education funding. in the meantime, assessments of the president's first year on the job are focusing on health care, war, and the economy. brian mooar has our report. >> hello. how are you? >> reporter: on the last day of his first year as president, barack obama was talking education. >> improving the way we educate our sons and daughters. >> reporter: an average day and a striking contrast to where he stood on january 20th, 2009.
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>> so help me god. >> reporter: on day one, his approval ratings were 68%. now just 50%. >> he was up on the mountain but now he's become a typical president where people are complaining about him. >> reporter: the president has spent much of his first year on the defensive. last summer's tea party protests are threatening to become an all-out voter revolt in this year's midterm elections. the latest poll finds 46% of americans think the president's health care reform plan is a bad idea. 33% support it. the economy didn't collapse but unemployment is still at 10%. uncle sam saved the auto industry but small businesses are still struggling. the president inherited two wars. he won a nobel peace prize and the nation survived a near terror attack on christmas day. on the eve of martin luther king day, the president talked about reality and the expectations that followed him into office.
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>> sometimes i get a little frustrated when folks just don't want to see that even if we don't get everything, we're getting something. >> reporter: one year and a lot has changed for president obama, but perhaps not as much as he had hoped. president obama's first year approval ratings are on the low side. then again, he's tied with ronald reagan. at the white house, i'm brian mooar, news4. >> the white house says there is nothing special planned to mark the president's first anniversary in office tomorrow. a judge today sentenced a bethesda honor student to 61 months inle f federal prison. colin mckenz-gude was caught with bomb-making materials and an arsenal of weapons in his bedroom. he's accused of planning to assa assassinate barack obama. prosecutors say the sentencing was appropriate but defense attorneys disagree. >> i think the sentence today was an appropriate reflection of the gravity of the offense in
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this case. >> he's devastated. i mean, when you sentence someone that started his sentence at 17 and he's now 19, he's just a kid. what do you expect from a kid? i mean, he really thinks it's the rest of his life to be in prison. >> mckenzie-gude has served 17 nths in prison already. stocks have rebounded from the slide last week. they closed at their highest level today since october of 2008. the dow gained 116 points. it closed today at 10,725. the nasdaq posted 32-point gains. the s&p is up 14 points. spurring the gains is a run on health care stocks. that's in anticipation of a republican win for that senate seat in massachusetts. that would make it more difficult for health care reform to pass. there is a massive crib recall this evening. it involves the brand dorell asia cribs.
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645,000 of them are being recalled. a six-month-old in iowa died after being trapped in this crib. 20 models of cribs are affected by this recall. they are sold at walmart, k-mart and sears nationwide. the consumer products safety commission says parents should stop using the cribs immediately. cadbury, the british candy maker, has agreed to a takeover bid from kraft foods. the deal is believed to be worth nely $20 billion. the deal ends months of negotiations between the two companies. the merger would create the world's largest major of chocolate and candy. kraft has had little to do with candy-making in the past, but this will help with its global outreach. coming up a plan to reopen the rest stops in virginia. really tense moments for a woman who drove her car through
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the wall of a parking garage.
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a woman in sydney, australia, had to be rescued after she crashed her car through a brick wall. the crash happened inside a parking garage. the woman was left dangling over a school classroom for about 40 minutes until crews finally freed her from the car and
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pulled the car back inside. no kids were inside at the ti. that woman suffered minor injuries. >> wow. so what's coming up? >> well, not much of this what we had today. that's not coming. we're going to -- we're flipping back to winter here. that means with moisture around, possibility of some wintry weather for us. so let's take a look outside right now. you can see that we do have calm conditions. what you can't see, we have clouds overhead. those clouds have been getting pushed our way out aheadf a cold front that will be making its way through and south of the area later tonight. 60 degrees, the high temperature today after starting ought just above freezing. the record is 71. it didn't get anywhere near that, but at 60 degrees that's the average high for about the end of march. nice spring-like day-to-day. the only thing that would have made it better is if we would have had sunshine throughout the
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day today. the temperature at reagan national, 52 degrees. we did pick up a trace of rain today. a few sprinkles that came our way early this morning. there were neighborhoods that were even warmer today.frederic. a light rind right now, nearly calm now around st. mary's city from 59 to 41 degrees, your temperature. so, again, some cloud cover we had. there's the sprinkles from early this morning. the cold front west of us. that will be making its way through over the next couple of hours. might get a sprinkle with it. temperatures will fall down to the 30s once that front passes. we should be clearing out by tomorrow morning. meanwhile, we are talking about a storm system for the end of the week. it's going to be developing around the coast of the carolinas. it's not going to be anything like the weather out on the west coast. a series of storms, the one that's hitting right now producing a lot of rain and some heavy mountain snow.
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let me take you to california. they've had a lot of rain over the last two days. half inch today. they picked up an inch and a half yesterday, causing travel delays through areas of the west. up in the higher sellivati er e they've had the heavy snow. they'll be getting more in tahoe, kirkwood. with high winds, well, some whiteout conditions a possibility for that area. so really the brunt of the weather around san francisco, around los angeles and san diego, too. so wet up and down. even some winter stormarnings posted around utah and nevada. look at st. mary's city. temperature at 41 degrees. high seas just off the coast. here we're not going to see anything like that. i think that thursday with our cold front kind of stalling just south of the area, storm system developing south and making its
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way northward, we're going to see rain showers develop across the area on thursday. then we'll see that switchover with the cold air bleeding in. possibly some sleet. there's that front. it hits south of the area. by tomorrow, sunshine throughout the area. then it's going to try and push back to the north. and right there late thursday you can see where it looks like low pressure is trying to develop off the coast of the carolinas. it will be making its way northward. wintry weather that could be slowing us down and affecting our travel for early friday morning. temperatures tomorrow not nearly as mild. only into the mid-40s. that's a couple of degrees above average. still doing okay. our numbers will be falling from the upper 40s to the low 40s here over the next couple of hours. and by tomorrow morning we'll clear out pretty good. i think it will be a mostly sunny to partly sunny day coming up. mid-40s for highs, some clouds
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around. that cloud cover will really thicken by wednesday night. it's going to be a raw, chilly day coming up on thursday with that rain developing. then just downright cold and feeling back to winter by friday morning. do think that sometime early thursday if not wednesday night, they may issue some winter weather advisories. right now our weekend is split. we're dry for saturday and wet for sunday. >> thanks, veronica. coming up tonight, the usns comfort is getting close to haiti. tonight, those aboard the ship are practicing for what they might find there. the rest stops that were closed last year, a plan to reopen them in virginia. indications the situation th nbdz's late-night lineup might be drawing to a close. what may be the end of a decades-old tradition at the tomb of edgar allan poe.
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we begin with more on the aftermath of the earthquake in haiti. >> we're seeing what happened the moment the earthquake hit that caribbean island one week ago today. this is home video that was taken at a school. a week later, there are more rescues and people being pulled alive from the ruins. thousands more u.s. troops on the ground now helping distribute the relief supplies. hundreds of thousands of daily meals are being given out.
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the usns comfort is a hospital ship on its way to haiti right now. that ship left baltimore on saturday. as the crew of the comfort gets closer to thiland, they're busy practicing for anything they might find there. >> things are moving on a lot faster pace here. we're seeing a lot of dry runs, a lot of practicing, bandaging people up, repairing broken bones in mock situations. for some people, this practice can be a very painful experience. that's real blood coming out of that sailor's arm as junior nurses are practicing putting in ivs hoping that this practice will make perfect when they get to haiti. >> we'll be doing shifts. we'll be round the clock. it's going to be 24/7. it's going to be crazy. we'll be helping a lot of people. we've never seen this before. it's going to be teresting. >> reporter: with the comfort now past florida and on a direct
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course for haiti, there is still a lot to do. >> cleaning, training, supplying are all our different areas. just getting ready for whatever. >> reporter: everything needs to be in place as doctors and nurses are expecting a capacity operating situation. so organization is key. >> just got to keep everybody together and keep the flow going. keep our plan in place. just keep that plan going. >> the usns comfort is expected to arrive on the coast of haiti by the end of the week. it will be there for at least six months. several groups are now on the ground in haiti providing relief. unicef is one of them. palawson muse joins us now with a guest from unicef to tell us what their challenges are. >> yeah. the challenges are many, wendy. cynthia mccaffrey is senior vice president for programs for the u.s. fund for unicef.
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tell us more about the biggest challenge that you're facing, especially where the children are concerned. >> one of the most important things to remember is that half of haiti's population is children. so they are the youngest, the most vulnerable. it's important that we get to them first. three things that we're really focusing on is, number one, getting them clean water and basic sanitation. that's our biggest challenge. we second is shelter. making sure they have a safe place. and then third, protection. keeping that in mind from the beginning. you've talked about children in hospitals and getting lost. we're on the ground trying to make sure everybody in the hospital or a distribution site knows what to look for to grab children and get them registers so we can reunite them with family. >> and many have been separated from their families. some are victims of the quake and are no longer around. and then there are some who are trying to find them. how are you linking the lost children up with their parents?
6:32 pm
>> we've done this a lot on the ground in the tsunami in myanmar. we work with partners on the ground to create a registration system. we've deployed people to make sure we've got people on the ground talking to folks who speak french and can communicate with them. and register them. so going to every hospital, going to every distribution site and registering the children. and then taking the time that it's going to take to make sure we reunite the survivors with their children. >> unicef is racing to open a facility that will hold children in and around port-au-prince. tell us about that. >> we've opened a center that will -- several centers. we've spread them around port-au-prince. it's taking care of 900 children right now. we plan to expand that. in addition, we're already shipping what we call schools in a box. wherever there are children, we're making sure that you can open a school in a box. it takes care of 40 kids. doing that kind of thing right now. >> a lot of people in this
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country want t adopt orphans. yesterday the obama administration said it's going to temporarily allow orphaned children who are eligible to be adopted by u.s. citizens into the u.s. to receive care. what are your thoughts about that? >> i think that every option we're going to have to explore. there were children who were already orphaned who were in the system. those will continue to move through the system. the second is children who may have been orphaned by this crisis. we need to take the time to make sure therere no surviving relatives and make sure we support a robust system that allows adoption to be done safely and rightly. >> unicef needs a lot of support. you can help by logging on to the group's website, call 800-4-unicef. wendy? >> thank you, pat. we invite you to stay with news4 at we'll continue to cover these massive relief efforts down in
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haiti. maryland's governor, martin o'malley, has announced changes coming to balance this year's budget. about 44 government jobs will be cut. 0 untilled positions will remain vacant. there will also be ten furlough days for 67,000 state employees. he also approved a 3% tuition increase for public colleges. o'malley said the key to climbing out of the recession will focus on putting more people to work. >> what we have to be all about this session is doing everything in our power to create jobs, to protect jobs, to save jobs and also to protect the conditions and to create the conditions that allow us as a people to create jobs and greater opportunity. >> o'malley's budget also includes $20 million to help address pollution in the chesapeake bay. that woucould be reduced by the
6:35 pm
legislature. rest stops in virginia could be reopening again. last night, bob mcdonald renewed his pledge to get the rest stops back up and running by spring. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: it's a ghost town at this shuttered rest stop along i-95. the bathrooms are boarded up. drinking fountains shut off and picnic tables empty. all part of state cost-cutting measures that have irritated weary travelers for months. >> it would be nice to stop every now and then and take a break. >> it never should have been closed. >> reporter: soon that may change. newly installed virginia governor bob mcdonald has pledged to reopen all 19 rest areas. it's a move that's frustrated south carolina truckers who haul goods along the 95 corridor on a regular basis. >> me being a lady especially because we got to -- you know, we got to stop somewhere and use
6:36 pm
the restroom. you know, just take care of things that need to be taken care of. definitely. but i hope they reopen them or keep them open. i just had two that were closed. it's breaking my heart. >> reporter: male truckers say it's meant headaches for them as well. >> it's such a pain. when you're in a truck. you know, to try to get off somewhere to get in somewhere and get turned around -- >> reporter: while closing the rest areas has meant a savings of $9 million a year, motorists say you can't put a price tag on convenience. >> you're saying hooray >> yes. open the rest stops. please. >> reporter: on wednesday, the transportation board will be taking up the issue of the closed rest areas in richmond. much to the relief of travelers who come through virginia. jane watrel, news4. >> again, if all this is approved, those rest stops could be back up and running by late spring. coming up tonight, we'll tell you about a 61-year-old
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tradition involving edgar allan poe's grave. it might have come to an end. hear what jay leno had to say when s
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the sun has set on a mild day for us. got up to 60 degrees today. you can see where we had 52
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degrees right now. the sun setting later and later. we do have too many clouds to catch mars in the eastern sky, but we might catch a sprinkle or two as a cold front moves through. on the other side of that cold front, should get back to a fair amount of sunshine. temperatures will start out in the 30s for tomorrow morning. so not terribly cold. but you'll need aacke the kids, maybe a sweatshirt to get them off to school. then back into the 40s, what would you expect around january. some sunshine tomorrow. more clouds south. that will be closer to where that weather front will stall out. the front comes back heading north with a low-pressure system developing along the coast. east win for thursday, it will be breezy and raw and chilly with highs in the upper 30s with rain switching over to sleet and freezing rain by thursday night and friday morning. maybe some problems getting around and getting in.
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wendy? >> thank you, veronica. imagine having a stroke at the age of 31. a stroke that leaves you unable to live your life independently. tonight, we'll have a special report. >> reporter: just one year ago, this woman wasn't able to walk. >> high husband, who was in the room, heard me fall and came in and saw that something was wrong. that's when my whole left side was completely gone. >> reporter: she had a stroke. she was just 31 years old when it happened. doctors believer it was the result of complications from her fertility treatments. >> the diagnosis was complete motor control loss. i had sensation. my sensory nerves were still intact. i had no movement. how i am going to get ready? how am i going to straighten my
6:42 pm
hair? it's silly concerns. i said, i don't have time for this. i have to go to work on monday. >> find out how a new device is helps patients get back to living a normal life. that's tonight at 11:00. the details of an exit deal between nbc and conan o'brien may be released later this week. o'brien is leaving the "tonight show." as previous host jay leno will resume his 11:35 p.m. time slot. leno had said that network executives told him that o'brien would be fine with the plan to push the "tonight show" back to midnight. but turns out o'brien was not fine with that. leno talked about the situation on his show last night. >> conan o'brien has been a gentleman. he's a good guy. i have no animosity towards him. this is all business. if you don't get the rates, they take you off the air. i think you know in this town, you can do almost anything and if you get ratings, they take you off the air.
6:43 pm
>> jeff zucker says moving leno back to s former time slot is the right financial move for nbc regardless of o'brien's choice. dan is still here. he's happy about that. kids are happy. we're all happy. what's coming up? >> good news, especially if you're a fan of the williams sisters. they both win down under. the terps don't want to trip up against longwood. they'll be big-time underdogs in college park tonight. plus, an assist for brook laich. if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows
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to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer.
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caps playing some good hockey. >> yeah. they're taking on one of the premier organizations in hockey tonight. should be a pretty good test. red wings coming to town. a little banged up and worried because the capitals have the best home record in the league. 16-3-3. lately, they have absolutely been destroying teams. their last four home games, all wins by a combined score of 20-8. domination is wearing red in 2010. now the caps are getting some point production from brooks laich. he had two goals and an assist against philly on sunday. a big day for brooks, whose scoring had been down of late. now the caps could be even better with laich's scoring slump over. they're already far and away the
6:47 pm
highest-scoring team in the nhl. for brooks, the key was a little pep talk from his coach, bruce boudreau. >> he said just sip down your game and get back to basics. he challenged me in a positive way. you know, it's nice to have a coach that will take the time and do that, not just scream at you. after i scored the first one, just going to the net, i came off the bench and said, you're unbelievable. he makes the game so easy to play >> that's how he scores the first one. that's how he get as lot of them. he takes everything so personal. i mean, you're never going to find a guy that cares more than brooks laich. that's why it was hard on him. to get the two goals, i was really happy for him. >> brooks laich. the look of a poet, according to wendy rieger. i'm sorry, she just said that. i've never heard that before. >> he does. >> he is the lady's man, according to his teammates, or
6:48 pm
at least he has been in the past. the terps tonight, appaolois to people with fwrend friends relatives at the school like me. longwood college likely to get thumped tonight. it's maryland's final non-conference game of the year. the terps coming off a couple of nice acc wins. the terps never trailed and led by as many as 25 points. some nice, balanced scoring for the terps. vazquez led the way with 17 points and nine assists. the goal right now forgary's gang, just to keep things rolling. right now, gary refuses to let his team take longwood lightly, something they've done in the past. >> this is a game that's good that we're playing it. you always worry about these games. we haven't always played well in these situations. hopefully we will play well. i'm pleased with how we handled
6:49 pm
the first three games. now we play a game that's not a league game, obviously, but we have to approach it in a very team-like fashion. in that we know we can't just walk out there and play. that does us no good. that allows to team we're playing confidence that they can play with us. >> gary williams and the terps taking on longwood college tonight. lots of redskins news today on the coaching front. matt lafleur will be the new quarterbacks coach. he worked with kyle shanahan in houston. steve jackson has been retained. and is reporting that jacob bernie, who was in denver, has been hired to coach the defensive line. it does look like special teams coach danny smith will be here as well. meanwhile, a redskins player is in trouble with the law. according to an iowa newspaper, skins second-year offensive lineman chad reinhardt was arrested for public
6:50 pm
intoxication. an officer with the university of northern iowa arrested him early monday morning while he was attempting to order pizza. he was taken to jail and released later. the redskins say they are aware of the incident but have no further comment. much like the redskins coaching search, the bills had to settle on plan d after failing to lure mike shanahan or bill cowher, who is doing tv, or brian schottenheimer to buffalo. the bills settled on galely. galy is just glad to have a second chance at being an nfl head coach. >> i can't speak for other folks but shoot. you look at the history of the buffalo bills. i've come in that stadium enough times to know about the fans of the bills nation. who wouldn't want to come here? i mean, maybe some guys have personal reasons they don't want to be here. great.
6:51 pm
i'm glad because i get to come here. >> you know what? he's right. he has another shot to be an nfl head coach. >> he has a right to be grateful. right? >> he's saying all the right things today. to tennis. since bursting on to the scene at last year's u.s. open, it has really been a struggle for 18-year-old american melanie oudin. today it was more of the same. she was bounced from the tournament in the first round. but all is not lost. the williams sisters each won their matches easily. let's go to sydney. the aussie open. wearing shirts that could be seen from the moon. venus, no trouble for her. venus serves up an ace and wins it in straight sets. she'll move on to the next round. as for serena, she was taking on her opponent from poland. picking the volley right out of
6:52 pm
the air right there. she cruises in straight sets. on the men's side, american james blake serving. trying the lob. right there. that's not going to work on james blake. he gets to that and puts it away and wins in straight sets. and finally, on the baseball front, this is on the back burner today, but big news as the nationals agree to terms with jason bergmann and jesus flores as well as josh willingham to avoid salary arbitration. they keep some of the pieces and add more pieces. it looks like the nationals along with the addition of steven straussburg are headed in the right direction. >> they're working hard to do it right. >> that they are.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
we've teamed up with unicef to raise donations for haiti. pat has more on that now. >> thanks, jim. cynthia, there's been an unprecedented amount of money raised in the past seven days. how much have you raised? what is your goal? >> our goal is, number one, to make sure in the coming days no child dies of a cause we can prevent. we're trying to raise $128 million. to date we've raised about $23 million. >> okay. a lot of people want to make
6:55 pm
sure they know where the money is going. we're hearing now about donation scams. so many people want to give. what is your response to that? >> number one, make sure you know the organizations you're giving to. do the research. there are reputable groups. take the time to give to the right place. >> where specifically are unicef dollars going? >> three things we're doing right away is making sure we get clean water and sanitation, shelter is an issue. we're getting tents and sheeting in. and third is protecting children, making sure that we register them and reunite them and protect them. >> all right. you can help unicef by calling their 800 number. that's 800-4-unicef. that's 800-486-4233. you can log on to or text "unicef" to 20222. >> thank you, pat. stay with news4 and
6:56 pm for continuing coverage of the relief efforts in haiti. tonight at 11:00, all eyes on the senate race in massachusetts. we'll have a live report from boston for the results and the reaction there. also, we are learning more about a shooting spree in central virginia. a number of people are dead and injured. also, after "the biggest loser" tonight, weight watchers and jenny craig square off in court of allegations of false and misleading ads. let's get a final check on our forecast. change is coming. >> after such a mild day today, jim and wendy, i'm seeing the temperatures shift. the wind shifts and the temperatures drop. on the radar, we don't have echoes showing up right now, but a few sprinkles. we might have some with the weather front coming through south of frederick and south of winchester where it's 43. upper 40s to low 50s on the other side of the front. so the front comes through and it's going to stall out to the
6:57 pm
south of us. should see sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in the low and mid-30s early part of the day. so starting out on the chilly side, but we'll rise into the low and mid-40s throughout the area tomorrow. a fair amount of sunshine. wintry weather going into friday morning. jim? >> thanks, veronica. today is the anniversary of edgar allan poe's birthdy. high died in baltimore and that's where he's buried. 60 years ago, a shadowy figure started leaving three roses on the poet's grave on his birthday. the person has been dubbed thepo toaster. the roses are believed to represent poe, his life, virginia, and his mother-in-law. all three are buried at that site. the significance of the cognac, nobody knows. the poe toaster of recent years is not the original one. from time to time, notes have been left. one year the note said the torch
6:58 pm
will be passed. a note years later confirmed that it had been. so far, today for the first time since at least 1949, the mysterious visitor failed to show. no roses, no cognac. the day is not over yet. fans of the unexplained tradition are wondering whether the poe toaster is, in fact, never more. by the way, poe's grave has the wrong birth date on it. it says january 20th 1908 instead of january 19th. we asked the curat of the poe house and museum. he assures us that the people who etched the tombstone put the wrong date on it, that edgar allan poe's birthday really is today. >> so much mystery. that's our broadcast.
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